What do you get when you bring together dedicated and creative public relations, television news and video production professionals with more than 80 years of experience? An exciting company ready to take your next project to a whole new level.


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When it comes right down to it, you can have a fantastic topic for your satellite media tour, but without the right broadcast team to position the story and experienced publicists to pitch, a golden opportunity can quickly become wasted. KickedUp Media Group brings decades of public relations and newsroom experience to maximize the number of quality bookings for every SMT. Our savvy and seasoned publicists have established and respected relationships with producers from coast to coast, and they know HOW and WHEN to engage them.

We begin each project by working closely with you to set the tone and strategy to ensure the best placements via television and radio outlets. On the production side you'll be working with the top studios in the country, with some of the most experienced producers and crews in the business. KickedUp will ensure that your tour is executed perfectly, and we're more than happy to handle any special requests for your spokesperson and your client.

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