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When it comes right down to it, you can have a fantastic topic for your satellite media tour, but without the right broadcast team to position the story and experienced publicists to pitch, a golden opportunity can quickly become wasted. KickedUp Media Group brings decades of public relations and newsroom experience to maximize the number of quality bookings for every SMT. Our savvy and seasoned publicists have established and respected relationships with producers from coast to coast, and they know HOW and WHEN to engage them.

We begin each project by working closely with you to set the tone and strategy to ensure the best placements via television and radio outlets. On the production side you'll be working with the top studios in the country, with some of the most experienced producers and crews in the business. KickedUp will ensure that your tour is executed perfectly, and we're more than happy to handle any special requests for your spokesperson and your client.


When your budget is too prohibitive for a Satellite Media tour or your topic does not lend itself to television, radio media tours can be a powerful and efficient way to get your message out to a broad audience. RMTs are coordinated via a conference call system making them ultra-convenient for you, the spokesperson and your client. KickedUp's publicists will pitch national and regional networks as well as local stations across the country. If needed, we can put special pitching efforts on markets of importance (before opening the pitch nationally) or even limit the pitching to target markets or regions. With many of the interviews live, you have great control over the message and the delivery. A producer coordinates all calls, connections and introductions, and a full recording of the entire tour is provided.


A bilingual or Spanish speaking spokesperson opens up tremendous media opportunities for both TV and radio interviews from coast to coast. We'll help you create a story angle and media alert that is not only newsworthy but culturally relevant and appropriate. Spanish speaking publicists and producers are standard with all Hispanic media outreach as well as all necessary translation of media materials.


While the news environment for "bites and b-roll" packages has indeed become more challenging, it is by no means impossible. The key is knowing when to use this potentially powerful broadcast tactic. No one has more contacts in the newsrooms or staff with real newsroom experience to help create the strategy that gets your story on the air better than the KickedUp Media Group.


Many TV and radio stations across the country prefer having guests in studio rather than from a remote location. In addition to providing a more personal one on one experience, in-market tours let you strategically target the country one market at a time and can incorporate TV, radio, print or all three mediums. Ask us about some of the fantastic placements the KickedUp Media Group publicists have earned over the years.


KickedUp Media Group's vice president of production has an impressive resume that spans across many genres. In addition to her work on news style features to PSAs to social media videos, Laura's experience on air also presents many opportunities for clients to utilize her talents. KickedUp also works with the best crews and producers all over the country and can pull together a video production in a matter of hours if needed.


Twitter parties are fast-paced virtual gatherings in which your brand or cause is the center of attention. Our moderators keep the conversation going, allowing us to educate your audience and generate buzz for your brand. In as little as one or two hours, we get people talking about your key messages, gather their feedback and drive traffic to your initiative through hundreds or even thousands of tweets. A KickedUp Twitter Party is the perfect way to expand the reach of your campaign to a highly influential group, thanks to the unique power of social media.


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